Lino Prints

Lino Prints

Inspiration for my Lino Prints comes from the natural world; patterns created by the structure of leaves and seeds, the shapes and forms of birds and animals.

I enjoy the discipline of relief printing because it makes me simplify the composition and to be sparing with the choice of colours.

Each picture is hand printed using oil based inks onto quality watercolour paper. I produce only small print runs of each design so they truly are ‘limited edition’, and each one is unique because of the slight differences created when printing by hand. I don’t own a printing press, so transfer the image using a low-tech method of rubbing with the back of a spoon; simple but effective!

I also like to vary the colours as I go along so, for example, I might print the first ten images a duck egg blue colour and then gradually add more yellow so that the next ten become progressively more green. For this reason each lino print is sold singly – the images featured below are of the actual prints which are available to buy – and this means that a particular design may occasionally be out of stock but I will replace it with similar as soon as possible.

Each print varies in size, which is indicated on each item. The sizes are of the actual pictures, not the paper they are printed on, nor including the signature underneath.

The prints are well wrapped for protection during postage, but do not come mounted or framed.

Postage costs are £1.95 per order.